5 Hacks for Moving Fragile Items

5 Hacks for Moving Fragile Items

If you have an upcoming move and you are a little apprehensive about packing up your breakable belongings, rest assured. If you plan to pack yourself, you need to follow these 5 simple hacks for moving fragile items that will keep your valuables safe

Moving fragile items – keep your valuables safe

Leave Plenty of Time To Pack Fragile Items

It will seem tedious but packing up fragile items requires a lot of time on your part.  You do not want to leave your delicate nick knacks unwrapped until the last minute.  Start about 1 or even 2 weeks in advance so that you can take your time and do a quality job.  Make sure you have the right supplies to pack fragile items.  You should have sturdy boxes in different sizes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, a marker to label the boxes, and scissors.  

Be Extra Careful With Fine China

Here is a good method to pack fine china.  Pack plates in boxes that match the size, so that there will not be a lot of room for china to move around.  After you carefully wrap each item in bubble wrap, stack the plates vertically and use packing paper between each plate. Then, fill in any extra space with packing peanuts.  If your dinnerware includes crystal glasses, you need a good plan to pack those too. First, carefully wrap each individual glass with bubble wrap.  Next, crumple up some packing paper and put it inside the glass for extra padding. Line your packing box with packing paper, and then begin to place the glasses inside the box.  Bigger glasses go on the bottom, smaller ones go on top. 

Take Some Time To Pack Your Picture Frames Right

You will want to wrap your picture frames in packing paper, and then place them in packing boxes.  For extra padding, line the packing boxes with packing paper, and then place a sheet of packing paper between each frame.   Don’t overfill the box, you want enough space on top to sprinkle packing peanuts on.  If you have pictures that are bigger than a medium packing box, you can wrap those frames in bubble wrap and then a moving blanket, and then they should be placed on the very top of your items when you move.  

Here’s How to Pack Table Lamps

Table lamps require the right sized box, but because a regular store doesn’t sell a size that accommodates them, you may have to purchase these boxes from a moving company.  Be sure to remove the light bulb and lampshade before you pack a lamp. The cord can be wrapped around the base of the lamp and then secure the end of it into the wrapped cord.  Lay out some bubble on a flat surface and lay the lamp on its’ side.  Carefully roll it up with plenty of layers of bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape. Then use the same method to pack the lamp shade.  Roll bubble wrap around it and fold some of it over the top of the lampshade. 

How to Deal with Specialty Items

Before you begin to wrap any specialty items, you may want to measure the item and use a box appropriate for its size and shape.  Take the item and wrap it completely with bubble wrap, then secure the bubble wrap with packing tape. Then use paper or packing peanuts to fill in any gaps.  Finally, write on the boxes with your marker that the items are fragile.  These are the 5 hacks for moving fragile items.

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