Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional movers can expertly load and unload trucks (ours or yours), Pods, and similar containers. They also do in-home and onsite furniture relocation. They can pad and wrap furniture, do basic assembly/disassembly, and re-arrange items. We provide box packing and unpacking service. We also provide long-distance and out-of-state moves.

*We can do basic assembly and disassembly of beds, dresser mirrors, and furniture legs for moving purposes.
*We do NOT connect, disconnect, install, uninstall, disassemble, or assemble any appliances, brand new furniture, electronics, gym equipment, or bunk beds.
*We do NOT do jobs on military installations.
*We do NOT move any pianos, safes, or items that weigh over 300 lbs.
*We can NOT walk on snow, ice, rocks, or any slippery or unstable surface while working.
Our movers always bring dollies and basic hand tools to use at no additional cost to you.
For labor-only jobs, you are responsible for providing your own moving pads/blankets, shrink wrap, boxes, tie-down straps, and all packing materials.
For jobs where we bring our truck: Our moving professionals provide the moving pads, shrink wrap, and tie-down straps. You are responsible for providing your own packing materials and packing your items unless it's discussed and approved by us before the job is booked. collects our minimum fee of 2 hours for most local moves, or a deposit via debit or credit card at the time of your job booking.
If additional hours/services are provided to you over the reserved job time, the balance is due and payable to your movers at the time of your job's completion. does not keep any of your card information from your job booking on file so you must provide it again to pay for any additional hours/services provided after your job completion.
If the movers are unable to make your job appointment and are unable to work out an alternate time with you to complete your job (and you confirmed availability with us before booking), we will refund your job fee in full; otherwise there is a 25% cancellation fee so only 75% of the job fee will be refunded.
Never. Our moving labor fees are always simple, upfront, and transparent. Get your instant quote now.
No, our movers are unable to drive your moving truck or any vehicle for you due to insurance reasons.
Yes. All of our movers are experienced and full-time professionals. We only partner with highly-rated movers that have a track record of satisfied customers.
Yes. Any items damaged by the movers are covered at the standard DOT rate of $0.60 per lb. We also have cargo insurance to cover any damage to your items due to an accident if we are transporting them. Please note that your movers will only cover damages to your items while they are being handled by them; they will not cover any items damaged during transit by a 3rd party.
While our movers don't mind doing most of the work for you, there are some things you can do to help ensure a safe and successful move. Please refer to our Terms of Service for our job requirements. In general, you should:

1. If we are not providing packing service to you, have all items that are small enough to fit inside boxes properly packed and sealed.

2. Have all flat screen televisions packed and sealed in their original retail box with packing inserts or in a specialty TV box with packing inserts.

3. For labor-only jobs, rent or purchase enough moving blankets/pads to completely cover all furniture that you don't want damaged. Take into consideration the amount of items AND the size of the blankets and items.

4. For labor-only jobs, purchase a large roll of shrink wrap if you want the moving blankets secured to your items.

5. If applicable, confirm that your rental truck or container is going to be at the job location before the scheduled job time.

6. For everyone's safety, remove all obstacles, ice, snow, pets, and humans (especially children) from where our truck and ramp will be placed and also the areas that the movers will be working and walking for the duration of the job.

7. Be sure to check out our Moving Tips and Articles for a wealth of helpful information.