Terms of Service


2Guys4Hire.com is a locally-owned professional moving labor provider marketplace with locations in Denver and Colorado Springs.  All of our movers contracted with us are experienced, full-time professionals.


Our movers can load and unload trucks and POD-sized containers, pad and wrap furniture, assemble/disassemble beds and dresser mirrors, and re-arrange items.  We also do long-distance and out-of-state moves but you must call us for a quote at (719) 930-6349 or (720) 593-4897.<br><br>



*We load and unload moving trucks, Pods, Packrats, and similar containers.  We also do in-home moves such as relocating furniture to different rooms.

*We can do basic assembly and disassembly of beds, dresser mirrors, and furniture legs for moving purposes.

*We DO NOT LOAD large freight trailers or semi trucks (ABF U-Pack, Old Dominion, Estes, etc) but we DO UNLOAD them.

*We do NOT connect, disconnect, install, uninstall, disassemble, or assemble any appliances, brand new furniture, electronics, gym equipment, or bunk beds.

*We do NOT do jobs on the 3rd floor or higher without an elevator.

*We do NOT pack items into boxes.

*We do NOT do jobs on military installations.

*We do NOT move any pianos, safes, or items that weigh over 400 lbs.

*We reserve the right to refuse to handle any items or perform any service that we deem unsafe (to people or property) to move.



Liability and Damage Coverage:

We provide complimentary valuation coverage that is valid for damage occurring while our movers are handling your belongings. If our movers are not transporting your items, any damage occurring during transit in any type of vehicle or storage container is not covered for any reason or under any valuation. It is the customer’s responsibility to be present during the job. If any damage to your property occurs you must inform your crew leader immediately. Failure to notify the crew leader of any property damage prior to their departure will forfeit any claim of damage to the property against your movers. The valuation coverage provided by our movers consists of reimbursement or repair of any covered items that are damaged at a rate of $0.60 per pound per item as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measures. 

Ceramic, marble, granite, pressed board, and particle board are not covered due to the nature of these materials.

Valuables such as paper money, coins, stocks, bonds, jewelry, or collectibles are not covered and should not be handled by our movers.

Unsealed or improperly sealed containers and their contents, non-boxed items, and unwrapped or otherwise unprotected items will not be covered.

The customer is responsible for providing all packing materials, boxes, crates, cargo straps, and furniture pads/blankets. (The movers do provide blankets and cargo straps if they’re providing a truck).  Failure to provide an adequate amount of all of the aforementioned equipment to protect your belongings will automatically void all damage coverage otherwise provided by our movers.

Our movers do not provide any floor, wall, or surface protection and therefore don’t cover any damage occurring to any surface or fixtures. It is assumed that some items being carried throughout a home may come into contact with a wall, railing, fixture, or floor so it is recommended to the customer to provide padding and/or protection to floors, walls, and railings that will be in the path of the movers carrying your belongings.


Fees and Payment:

2Guys4Hire.com collects the fee for your entire job reservation in advance via debit or credit card at the time of your job booking.  If you cancel your job, your refund will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee, so you’ll only get 75% of your payment refunded back.

We do not offer refunds for unused hours. (For example, if you reserve our movers for 4 hours and they complete the job in 3 hours, your fee is the 4-hour price you already paid.)

After the job is completed, our movers will collect payment from you on-site for any additional time that our movers worked for you, billed in ½ hour increments and rounded up to the next full ½ hour.

Our movers are able to stay for up to one (1) hour over your reserved time so it is important to reserve enough time for our movers to complete your job.

Your job time starts when our movers arrive and ends when our movers are completed with the job.