What to pack first when moving

What to pack first when moving

What to pack first when moving and Knowing where to Start

It can be overwhelming to undertake a move, and the most difficult part is knowing where to start.  However, by figuring out what to pack first, you can stay organized and on track during a busy time.  Once you get started, the moving process won’t seem so chaotic.  Here is a list to help you with the process.  It offers tips on how begin packing for your move.  Follow along and you will be well on your way to a fully packed house.  

Items that are not in Season

Start with belongings that have been put away because they are not in season, like winter boots if you are moving in summer, or swimsuits if you are moving in winter.  Hopefully, these items have been packed up and stored already, so all you have to do is go through them and decide what to keep and what to give away or donate.  When you start small like this, it probably will only take a few hours.  This can give you a sense of accomplishment and give you confidence to move onto more tedious packing.


Next move onto the closets in your house, like the hall closet or linen closet.  The hall closet will most likely have jackets, and other outerwear items in it.  Start by packing up all non essential items in the hall closet.  Declutter and downsize and then, tackle your linen closet and pack up all extra towels and sheets. Plan an rewashing the towels and sheets you keep unpacked, so that you can keep your laundry basket as empty as possible.  That way you will be all set for your big move day.

Knick Knacks

Even though packing up little decorative pieces can feel tedious, you don’t want to put off this process.  Yes, you have to take time to wrap them up and pack them away, but you don’t want to wait until the last minute to do it, or else you could feel overwhelmed and pressed for time

Pictures and Wall Hangings

Packing up framed pictures and wall decorations can also feel time consuming, which is why it’s best to wrap them up at the beginning of the packing process.  These items are not essential to keep around, as you can survive without decorations.

Fine China and Other Kitchen Non-Essentials

Take the time to wrap up any fine china that you’ll more than likely not be using as you big move day approaches.    Make sure to mark the china as Fragile so you know to handle with care.  Then, pack up other kitchen items that you don’t use very often.  Keep only what you will need, and this will save you considerable time on moving day. 


Finally, start packing up your books.  First go through and donate any books you don’t use or want anymore. Then, pack up the rest for your move.  The less books you take with you, the less boxes you will have to pack.  Less is always best for a move! 

We hoped this article helped you figure out what to pack first when moving and knowing where to Start.

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