Ways to Make Moving Environmentally Friendly

Ways to Make Moving Environmentally Friendly

Are you looking for a more environmentally sound moving process? Consider all the packing materials and trash that comes with moving, not to mention the driving a move requires. Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce your carbon footprint and waste as you tackle a move?

Below is a list of tips for a greener moving experience. Try to incorporate these suggestions and help the planet along the way!

Reuse Store Boxes from Online Shopping

We all know that online shopping is not very green, but it has become a part of our modern, busy lives.  So, why not save all the boxes you receive from online shopping, and then reuse them at a later time.  Break then down when they come in and store them in your basement, garage, or storage space.  

Find Packing Boxes that are Used is a way to Make Moving Environmentally Friendly

If you don’t have enough boxes from online shopping for your move, don’t go out and buy new ones.  First, see if you can find used boxes.  Check out the free section on Craig’s List to see if people in your area are giving boxes away.  

You can secure boxes at liquor stores, grocery stores, or retail shops.  You will be surprised at how easy it is to locate free or used moving boxes, and it’s better for the environment and your wallet.  

Try Using Packing Materials that You Can Recycle

Certain packing materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts are not easy to recycle.  You can recycle plastic packing materials at special collection points, but many end up tossing the materials in the garbage instead.  So, consider using newspapers you have on hand, or that have already been recycled. 

Some people also use extra towels or linens to wrap belongings. But, if you do that, you will end up with extra laundry to wash, so it might not be the greenest way to approach things.  Remember, use what you have on hand first, before you purchase new packing products. 

Keep Some Kitchen Items Unpacked Until the Actual Move

The kitchen is the most tedious room to pack.  Most movers try to get the kitchen all packed relatively early in the packing process, because it is so time consuming.  But, if you pack up your whole kitchen, you will have to rely on plastic plates and utensils.  We all know that these items are not green at all! So, why not leave out enough items from the kitchen to get by until your actual move.  That way, you won’t need to use non-sustainable products. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of ways to make moving environmentally friendly. Need Movers? Get a Quote Today!