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How to Declutter Your House Before Moving Day

Nothing can take the excitement out of moving faster than the realization that all of your possessions need to be packed up. A sense of dread may overwhelm you as you think about all the stuff you have accumulated over the years.

You might think of every junk drawer that needs to be sorted, and the piles of clothes in your dressers, and feel the urge downsize. The thing is, the best time to declutter your home is right before a move. So, before you even start packing, get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.  This will lessen the number of boxes you take with you to your new home and speed up the moving process altogether.  Below are some tips to help you get started…

Start Immediately

 Once the decision to move has been made, your next step should be to declutter your current house.  Don’t put it off, or else you will have to pack up everything and take it with you.  Why bring things to your new house that you don’t need anymore?  

Think of the cost it will save you to downsize before a move. Wouldn’t you rather purchase fewer boxes and save your energy packing and hauling less.  Set yourself up for a less stressful move by decluttering before the big day.

Come Prepared

Before you start the decluttering process, have everything you’ll need to complete the job handy.  You will need boxes to help you stay organized; one for donation, one for recycling, one for the items you intend to keep.  

Also have on hand, packing tape, sharpies to label the boxes, and plenty of water to stay hydrated!  Decluttering is thirsty work, take care of your needs.  Bonus tip: have some great tunes ready to play in the background, music will help you stay pumped up and ready to work.

Start Small

So it doesn’t feel like too big of a task, start small to begin with. Closets are a good starting point, maybe the hall closet first, and then focus on the bedroom closets.  Sorting small spaces like these is not too draining and can be completed in a matter of hours. 

Don’t start with an entire room, because trying to sort through such a big space might feel intimidating.  After you have gone through the closets, look at the pile of things you are donating or throwing away.  It will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated. 

Go Big

Hit the garage (or your storage space) and break down all boxes and recycle all items you don’t want to take to the new house.  Go through your kitchen and toss out anything that has expired.  Consider donating pantry items that haven’t expired but you don’t think you will use.

Be honest here, if you have had a tin of sardines for 2 years and you haven’t used them by now, chances are you never will.  How about that strange kitchen gadget you just had to have to chop vegetables, but never even used?

The rule of thumb; if you haven’t used it in 6 months, donate it!  The same rule applies to cookbooks.  If you have a basement, save that for last.  It will be the room that will take the longest. 

Finishing Touches

As you delve into the process of decluttering your home before a move, make sure you find a place to store the boxes of the items you decided to keep.  They should be packed up and ready to go, so label the top of the box clearly, so you know what’s in it.  These final touches will help you get started with packing up for the move, with the keeper boxes all done to give you a jump start.