What you should know if you are moving to colorado

What You Should Know If You Are Moving to Colorado

This is what you should know if you are moving to Colorado.

Are you considering a move to Colorado, but you have never visited before? The Centennial State has attracted many newcomers who are compelled to live in a state that has beautiful scenery and plentiful job opportunities.  Below is a list of things you should know before you make your move.  

Colorado Offers an Outdoor Lifestyle

Even though Colorado is a state that gets snow in winter, it still offers a healthy, outdoors lifestyle.  There are so many outdoor activities to choose from; hiking, biking, skiing, running, etc.  The people who live here don’t let winter snow stop them from being outside, in fact, winter is the best season in the state, especially if you ski. The state has the second-lowest obesity rate in America.  As you assimilate, you will probably find yourself doing more outside activities than you normally did before you moved. 

There Are Four Seasons in Colorado

Colorado has the highest elevation of any state in the US, an average of 6,800 above sea level. And even though the state has four seasons, because of the high elevation, each season is mild and humidity is low to moderate.  Of course, how mild the seasons vary throughout the state, based on its elevation. For instance, the eastern side of the state has temperatures more like their neighboring states Nebraska, and Kansas, which has hotter weather in summer.  

House Prices Are High, But Property Taxes Are Low

The housing prices in Colorado are high, because the state has strict zoning laws that stops the construction of affordable homes.  However, many Colorado residents can afford the high prices.  Colorado property taxes can be quite low, the rates anyways.  It depends on which area of the state you are living in.  Colorado has been building a lot of new houses to keep up with the high number of new residents.  The newer developments boast lower property taxes to lure these residents to their neighborhoods.  

You Have to Get Used to the Altitude

When you move to Colorado, you may have to get used to the altitude.  It may be more difficult to breathe, you could feel dizzy, and you may get a few headaches.  It could feel like a struggle at first, but eventually you begin to assimilate to the altitude.  Once you are used to it, those symptoms decrease or go away altogether. 

Colorado Is A Swing State

Colorado is a swing state, so that means that your vote will actually count in elections.  The state elected Barack Obama, who is a Democrat, but also elected George W. Bush, who is a Republican.  The state of Colorado’s congressional delegation is almost split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, and voter turnout is very high. 

When Moving to Colorado You Should Know The Schools Are Good

Public schools in the state of Colorado prepare your youngsters for higher learning.  The High School graduation rate is a whopping 90%, way above the national average.  There are many community colleges and 4-year universities throughout the state; The University of Colorado, University of Denver and Colorado College to name a notable few.  Also, the U.S. Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs.  

If you decide moving to Colorado is what you are looking for, here are some tips for making your move environmentally friendly.

So, if you are considering moving to Colorado, we hope this information helps give you an idea of where you are moving to. The Centennial State is an extremely attractive area for new commers who are compelled to live in a state that has beautiful scenery and plentiful job opportunities.