Here are some tips for moving during the winter

Tips For Moving During Winter

Here are some tips for moving during the winter. It might surprise you to know that moving during winter can save you some money.  Most moves in the United States happen during the months of May through September. So, if you move during the winter, you can find some really good deals which will save you money.  But, moving during winter, especially in a climate that has snow, is not without challenges. Below are a few cold weather moving tips to consider, which will help you have a safe move. 

Don’t Pack Up All of Your Winter Supplies

Just in case of inclement weather, have a few essential winter supplies with you or in your car.  If there is snow or ice on the ground, consider having a shovel and salt handy. The shovel will help clear the snow, the salt will help melt the ice.  Also, keep a pair of winter gloves with you and be sure to have an ice scraper for the windshield of the car. Hand towels can help you stay clean and dry as well.  Use these towels to wipe off any items that get wet or dirty with snow. And use bigger towels as a way to pad your floors (so no one slips!) and to clean up melted ice and dirt.  

Track the Weather – Tips for Moving During the Winter

Keep an eye on the weather as your move approaches.  Winter storms can complicate your move, and they can roll in fast, with little warning.  If snow does start to fall during your move, avoid busy streets, and plan a new route to get around stalled traffic.  Keeping a close eye on traffic reports is crucial.  

It is also important to know what the weather will be like so you can dress appropriately. It is best to dress in layers.  This will help regulate your body temperature. As you move from the cold outside to the warm inside, you can bundle up and then shed clothing so you don’t overheat.  Remember that moving and unpacking boxes are hard physical work. You can prevent your body from fatigue by leaving the front door open while moving so your body stays at a consistent level. 

Hire A Moving Company To Help With the Heavy Lifting

One way to make a winter move easier is to hire a moving company that can help with the heavy lifting.  By moving in winter, the cost of hiring help will be reduced already, so if it is in your budget, hiring help would be ideal.  Get a quote from us today!

Consider What to Do With Your Pets

If you have pets and are planning a winter move, you may want to consider putting them in crates do they stay warm and out of the way.  Pets tend to get under your feet, which will not be convenient as people are carrying heavy boxes. Also, you may be distracted with all the moving activity and your pet could sneak out of an open door and go missing.  Since moving is stressful enough, you don’t want to add to it by dealing with a missing pet.