Moving Tips and Checklists

Organize your move if you’re changing addresses. A checklist will help ensure a stress-free moving day. It should have everything you need to do and what time you need to get them done. Here’s what a good list should look like.

Choose a Mover

Start looking for moving companies near Denver, CO. Do this a month before the move. Once you’ve done your homework, researched trustworthy options, and picked one, sort out the details. How much will it cost? Don’t forget to confirm the date of your moving day.

Label Everything

Put the contents of the box on the label, along with the room it should go. That will make it easier for you to organize your things once you get to your new home. It will also help you keep an inventory of your belongings. How many boxes go to the kitchen? How many to the living room or bedroom?

Separate Valuables

Keep all your valuables and important files with you. Bring everything you don’t want to risk losing. That’s better than worrying if you’ll lose the box with your only copy of your birth certificate, graduation certificate, IDs, and more.

Inform People

You’ve likely informed friends and family about the move. But don’t forget to let important parties know. That includes your workplace, the bank, any subscriptions you have, utility companies, your insurance company, and more.

Get a Day Off

Let your boss know you’ll be busy all day with the move. That’s one of the best moving tips in Denver, CO, to keep in mind. Some try to squeeze in a few hours at work, but you’re better off taking the entire day off to concentrate on the move. Even if you try to make it to work in the morning and leave at midday, you may be too distracted to do anything. Supervising the move and taking the rest of the day off will give you enough time to settle into your new home. If issues come up, your presence will help ensure those problems are resolved quickly.

Go for a Tune-Up

Are you driving yourself or getting a car service to bring you there? If you’re driving, get your car to the shop for a tune-up. That’s one way to avoid surprises when you’re on the road to your new home.

Refill Prescriptions

If you have any prescriptions or maintenance medications, stock up for a couple of weeks. That should give you enough time to find shops in town where you can get your refills after moving in.