how to choose a moving date

How to Choose a Moving Date

Ready to move? Are you having trouble choosing a moving date?

You are not alone, 11.2 percent of Americans moved last year. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when you decide to move is when you will do it.

This can seem like an overwhelming decision because there is so much to consider. However, if you look at some of the major issues and know how they are likely to affect you, then your decision will be a lot easier.

Here is some help to keep you on the right track when selecting a moving date.

1. Cost

The cost you will have to pay should always be a consideration. If you can get a discount then take it. However, the biggest moving deals can usually be found in off-seasons such as winter.

If saving is a big priority for you then you should contact a moving company and book early for the colder periods of the year. While the competition is less you may find yourself competing with others who want to take advantage of low winter prices.

Just be forewarned that although moving during the winter is much cheaper. It can also be a little more tedious if you live in an area frequented by snowstorms.

It may just be that a storm happens on your moving day. Your furniture and other items may suffer damage if they freeze and thaw.

The moving truck may also get caught in a snowstorm. The point is, the weather can be unpredictable, so prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

Summer is usually the costliest time to move. This is because school is out, the weather is great and everyone wants to take advantage of it.

A summer move needs to be planned well in advance, so always book early or you might not be able to get all the movers you need.  Worst yet, you may find that your selected movers cannot fit you in because of how hectic this season gets.

2. Consider School When Selecting a Moving Date

If there are members in your family that go to school, then you have to consider their schedule. It can be difficult emotionally, to remove small children from school in the middle of the year and bring them into a new environment.

If you have children who are in college moving before they have completed the semester can also be problematic. Most colleges will not let student’s register in the middle of a semester for a course.

High school students may have the most flexibility, in that, if the school they are moving to has a similar curriculum then they will not be left too far behind. All of these things need to be considered carefully, especially if you have children who are at different stages of their education.

3. Time of Day

The season in which you move is important based on your situation. However, you also need to select the right day to move and also the right time of day.

Traditionally, people like to move on weekends this is because it is one of the most convenient times since kids are out of school and most people are off work. The traffic will also be less on the weekend.

All of these are pluses but bear in mind that many others will want to take advantage of these weekend moving benefits. So, you may need to book early with your moving company just as you would for a summer move.

If you cannot commit to a time and want to move whenever possible. Then you might want to consider moving on a weekday.

The middle of the day is best if you wish to avoid morning rush hour traffic and the afternoon traffic that takes people home. However, if you decide to move during the morning and afternoon, plan your route ahead of time to see if you can avoid roads with heavy traffic.

Scout out the back roads in your area and ask your movers about using these roads. In this way, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

4. Planned Events and Holidays

There are certain days that should be avoided when you are planning a move. These days are often the ones that fall before major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

If you move before these holidays you are likely to be stressed, so wait until afterward. This is especially true if you will be moving to a new community, another city or country.

This wisdom doesn’t just go for holidays. You should also avoid moving before birthdays or a planned vacation as well.

Since moving is an event that requires careful planning, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself by having to plan for holidays, birthdays and vacations during this time.

The bottom line is that moving should be the only event on your calendar whenever you decide to do it. A split focus during moving can cause frustration, incorrect packing, improper labeling all of which can make moving chaotic, especially if you have a family

5. Make Sure Your New Home Is Habitable

In trying to remember all the things you need to do when moving, you may forget that you need to ensure that your new home is habitable.

Make that you have had all the utilities turned on and that all the cleaning has been done. This is not always possible but if you want to reduce stress then plan out these things and bear them in mind when setting a moving date.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to start making moving plans then one of the most important things you should decide on is a moving date. The date that you decide to move is based on many factors.

These include the month, season, weather, school, and other personal considerations. The key thing to remember when planning a move is that you need to organize things so that you can reduce stress as much as possible.

Once you look at your unique situation carefully and consider all the points made, you should have great success coming up with a moving date.

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