9 Reasons it is worth it to hire movers

9 Reasons it’s Worth it to Hire Movers

The average American moves over 11 times in their life. These transitions raise the question of whether you should move everything by yourself? Or should you hire professionals to help?

Moving your entire home can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Yet, the expertise of a local moving company can make it smoother and more enjoyable.

So, is it worth it to leave things in the hands of professionals? Read on for 9 reasons you’ll want to hire movers for your next relocation. 

1. You Won’t Forget Anything

Hiring movers help you to streamline the whole packing and relocating process. As movers come with handy planning tools, like moving day checklists. They also keep an inventory list of all items needing to get packed and moved. 

This makes moving much more organized, keeping you from forgetting any important steps. Moving companies also bring enough supplies. So you won’t be out hunting for more boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap on moving day. 

If you have a house full of items, you will likely also need to rent a moving van. Yet, moving companies take the guesswork out of which size van you’ll need. You also won’t have to worry about renting or borrowing any needed moving equipment. 

Movers have it all down to a science. All you have to do is give them the move-out and move-in date and you’re all set.  

2. You’ll Feel Less Stressed

Moving gets ranked as one of the most stressful life events. It creates the same anxiety-inducing symptoms as divorce or getting fired. 

Moving often comes with the change of neighborhoods, schools, and careers. All this can cause anxiety triggers and create tension among families. The planning and actual moving process cause the calmest people to become overwhelmed.  

Hiring local movers can make this less stressful. They handle all the logistics and guesswork for you. You won’t have to fret over how many boxes you’ll need, renting a moving van, or finding storage space. 

They keep things well-organized by labeling all boxes and placing them in the right rooms. Movers can also help unpack your items for you and arrange furniture. They also take the stress out of driving a large moving van around unfamiliar areas. 

Movers make things more convenient, organized, and efficient. This gives you better peace of mind during the big life-changing transition of moving.  

3. You Won’t Have to Take Any Time off Work

Hiring a mover means you don’t have to use any of your precious vacation days for time off. Movers can handle the relocating of all your stuff during work hours. 

Movers have the added advantage of getting your stuff from point A to point B in a quicker amount of time. They can also handle the whole packing process, saving you time and energy. 

This also gives you more free time for unpacking and organizing your new home. It’s more time spent getting to know your new neighborhood. Not wasting time moving heavy boxes back and forth.  

4. You Won’t Get Injured

Professional movers come with less risk for accidents. They get trained in the right way to carry and unload heavy items. They also follow proper moving safety tips

Doing this yourself can result in pulling a muscle or throwing out your back. This can also become a liability when asking friends and family to help you move.  

Movers also use bumper pads, dollies, ramps, and hoisting straps. These special techniques and equipment help protect your stuff. 

It also keeps the walls and floors of your old and new home from getting damaged. As movers have skills in going downstairs and maneuvering narrow hallways and doorways. 

5. You Can Rest Easy Your Stuff Is Safe 

Always go with a moving company that offers insurance for all your items. This is a caution in case of any accidents during the move. It also pays to hire honest and reliable movers that you trust.  

This way you’ll feel more comfortable with your irreplaceable items getting moved. Things are also less likely to get broken when packed the proper way. 

Movers are experts in packing fragile items, like your flat screen TV. They also know how to transport specialty items like pianos, chandeliers, and artwork. 

6. You Won’t Have to Make Countless Trips 

Movers always come with the right sized vans. This is so they can grab all your stuff in one load. Instead of you having to make tons of trips going back and forth.   

Many companies also provide flexible storage options. This is helpful if you’re between homes or going through a relocating process.  

7. You Get Professional Experience 

Hiring movers offer the experience and expertise of a professional service. They arrive on time and work in a quick and efficient manner. This is not always the case when using friends and family to help you move. 

They are reliable and full of knowledge, like how to pack a moving van for the most amount of space. They also have training in the easiest methods for long distance moves. 

Local movers also know the ins and outs of moving in big city centers. They have a knack for navigating older buildings without elevators. 

Moving companies can also answer all your important moving questions and offer suggestions. This makes for an easy and stress-free moving day.   

8. You Can Save Yourself Money  

People often underestimate the cost of moving. You’ll need to factor in materials and supplies, rental equipment, and insurance. The cost of gas can also be high if moving cross country. 

This all adds up, including the lost time, and energy you’re taking to move everything yourself. So, the cost of hiring movers can be more in your favor. 

Be sure to compare prices from a few local companies to find the best deal. But also take insurance and expertise into consideration. You’ll also want to check online reviews and customer testimonials. 

9. Your Friends and Family Will Thank You

People often call in favors from friends and family to help with their move. Although most are happy to help, this also takes time and energy away from their lives. 

When hiring movers, friends and family do not have to get involved or take time off work. Instead, you can invite them over for a housewarming party once you’re moved in. Or have them help paint and decorate the new place. 

So, Save Yourself the Hassle and Hire Movers…

As you can see, it pays to hire movers to make for a smoother moving process. It will be more organized, safer, and less stressful. You’ll also save yourself time, energy, and a few friendships.

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