Your difinitive guide to packing things that are heavy for your move

Guide to Packing Heavy Items for Your Move

Each year, around 40 million people in the United States decide to move to a new home. Moving isn’t easy, but it’s still a popular thing for people to do.

Even though moving can be a difficult process, it’s worth it once you reach your destination. By sticking to the right strategy, however, you can minimize complications along the way.

If you’re dealing with things that are heavy, extra care should be taken in order to ensure their safe arrival. Don’t worry, there’s definitely a correct way to do it.

Read on for our guide on moving and how to transport things that are heavy.

How to Pack Boxes for Moving

When it comes to packing things that are heavy or just packing in general, the best way to approach the project is by staying organized. If you aren’t careful with your packing, you may end up with some broken items before you finish your move.

However, if you take the time to pack boxes the right way, you’ll be a lot more likely to have everything arrive safely. By packing smart, you can keep your possessions secure and have a much easier time when you need to unpack.

Here are some general packing tips to keep in mind for your move:

  1. Use smaller boxes for things that are heavy: When you’re making a big move, it’s tempting to fit everything into as few boxes as possible. However, if you try to fit multiple heavy items in a large box, it will be extremely difficult to carry and could also result in breakage.
  2. Categorize items by room: Keep all your dishes together as well as your bedroom pieces and other items that will be unpacked together. This will help you have an easier time unpacking when you reach your destination.
  3. Choose boxes that are a couple of inches larger than the item: That way, the item can be nested securely, while still allowing you space for padding.
  4. Invest in good packaging and materials: You want sturdy boxes, thick packing materials, and quality tape to keep it all together. Cheap materials can be difficult to work with and can lead to busted or opened boxes before you reach your destination.
  5. Be sure to add plenty of padding for fragile items: Pay extra attention to parts that stick out, like table legs, or parts that are extra vulnerable to chipping or breakage. You may also want to take apart larger items in order to pack them more easily.
  6. Secure all moving parts: Tape the glass on your picture frames so it stays put and be sure to secure lids on breakable containers.
  7. Use cushioning around the sides of the box: You don’t want to end up breaking things that are heavy if you set the box down too hard.

Use Proper Packaging for Things That Are Heavy

If you’re packing things that are heavy, standard cardboard boxes usually aren’t durable enough to carry them. Look for two-ply cardboard at the very least, or just go with the thickest boxes you can find.

If you are moving valuable things that are heavy, such as antiques, you may want to invest in something stronger than cardboard. You can rent plastic boxes and crates, or go with a wooden crate for especially heavy items.

It’s also wise to stock up on items that provide padding, such as bubble wrap and styrofoam. This can help you ensure the safety of fragile items, as well as things that are heavy. Make sure you buy plenty of it to ensure you’ll have enough to pack everything securely.

Label All Boxes

When you’re packing for a big move, be sure all your boxes are properly labeled so you know exactly what each box contains. This helps you stay organized and will make unpacking a breeze.

Be sure that you also label fragile items and things that are heavy. That way, you’ll know which items to take care with you while moving. It’s also smart to use labels such as “this side up” so boxes don’t get upturned during the process, leaving your items vulnerable to breakage.

As you prepare for packing, pick up plenty of markers for labeling, as well as stickers for fragile items and things that are heavy. By keeping all your boxes labeled, you or your movers will know exactly how to handle each container and where to unload it at the destination.

Transporting Heavy Items

When everything is all packed up and you’ve reached your moving date, you still have to figure out how you’re going to get all your possessions to your new home.

If you end up having a lot of things that are heavy, you may want to seek professional assistance in order to ensure your personal safety as well as the safety of your item. Hiring a moving company can be a serious help, especially if you’re not physically able to handle all the items on your own. They have the skills and knowledge to safely move your belongings every step of the way.

When loading up a moving crate or a truck, be sure all your items are firmly secured so they don’t move around in transit. Use rope, straps, and blankets to secure things that are heavy, and make sure all boxes are stable and secure.

Do You Need to Bring It?

As you prepare to move, you may want to reconsider what you take with you, especially if you have a lot of heavy items. These can be expensive and difficult to move, so you should be sure you need them for your new home.

If necessary, sell or donate things that are heavy in order to have a cost-effective and efficient move. If you still end up with lots of things that are worth keeping, be sure to hire professional movers to help you get them to your destination safely.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be a big hassle, but if you seek professional help and pack smart, you can make it a lot easier on yourself. Just be sure to stay organized, pack carefully, and secure things that are heavy so you can be sure your valuable possessions arrive safely.

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