moving mistakes to avoid

Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid

These are the Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving can be time-consuming and stressful.  To relocate means a lot of planning, organizing, and money spent.  However, there are ways to set yourself up for a successful move.  Below is a list of common mistakes people make when it comes to moving.  Look to see what they are, how to avoid them, and how you can make your move easier. 

Taking everything with you is one of the top moving mistakes to avoid

Before you begin the packing process, go through your belongings and donate what you can.  It will be easier and cheaper if you downsize your stuff.  If you haven’t used it in a year, donate it!  Heavy things like books or gym equipment are good items to donate as well.  It makes for less heavy, bulky items you must pack and unpack.

You didn’t give yourself plenty of time to pack

A lot of people miscalculate how much time there needs to be to get your belongings packed.  Packing can take a good amount of time.  It takes time to get your packing supplies, and then organize your supplies, and we tend to forget that packing breakables is a slow and tedious process.  Plan your time wisely here, and that means factoring in breaks and interruptions as you pack.  Even if you intend to hire a packing company to help, your timeline needs to be carefully planned.  Using your time well will reduce the feeling of last-minute panic, because there is just so much to do and so many details to remember.

You didn’t take inventory of your belongings before packing

Before you start to place things in boxes and containers, you need to take an inventory of your belongings first.  Imagine taking the time to carefully bubble wrap your breakables, diligently packing them in boxes, and then realizing you have no clue what is inside each box.  To avoid this, make a list of the items in each packed box, and label it as you go.  Keep this list with you as you move.  This will make unpacking easier and cut down on your stress. 

You didn’t pack a bag of everyday essentials

You will also want to have a separate suitcase or bag packed with your everyday essentials.  This list will be slightly different for everyone.  But consider packing everything you will need in your first days at your new home.  A toothbrush, hairbrush, toiletries, a few changes of clothes, your laptop, any medications you need are a few suggestions to have handy for immediate use.  Here’s another tip, have a scissors on hand, you will need them to unpack your boxes. 

You forgot to switch your mail to your new address

People generally remember to take care of the utilities before moving, either switching services or having them turned off.  But, an alarming number of folks forget to put in a change of address.  You can change your address at the post office or on-line.  Also, have your medical records forwarded to your new doctor or get copies to take with you so that when you need them, you have easy access.

It is also important to avoid the top moving scams.