moving tips for moving heavy items

Tips for Packing Heavy Items

If you are planning a move, it may seem daunting to start the packing process, especially when it comes to packing heavy items.  However, there are ways to manage that task. Below are some practical tips for packing heavy items that will ensure your safety from personal injury and help keep your items from breaking or damage. 

Purchase the Right Packing Supplies

In order to pack up your heavy items, you will need the correct materials for the job.  Here is a list of the essentials:

Sturdy Boxes: For your heavy items you need boxes made of cardboard that is durable, so consider purchasing double walled cardboard boxes.  These are made to support the extra weight of your heavy items.  

Stock up on Quality Wrapping Paper: Purchase the thickest wrapping paper you can find, and be aware that you may need to use multiple sheets to ensure the safety of your items.  You can also double up on bubble wrap or use thick blankets when packing your heavy items. Use thinner and softer paper to wrap up smaller parts of your bulky items, this can be the first layer of padding before you use bubble wrap or furniture blankets. 

High-Quality Packing Tape:  You should also purchase a lot of packing tape that is highly durable.  This can be used not only to tape your boxes shut but to reinforce your boxes with heavy items. Also, consider buying water-resistant tape, this will give your boxes an added protection against damages because you want to have your boxes prepared for anything during the move.

Double Up On Boxes

For your heavy but fragile items, add another box that is larger than the original box.  Place your already packed box into the larger box, and then pad any space left in the box with wrapping paper, bubble wrap, or furniture blankets.  This gives your heavy, fragile item enough cushioning and protection to withstand being dropped, or knocked around during your move.  

Also, place heavy items in the center of the first box and then surround the item with padding such as packing paper or bubble wrap.  Then, place the first box into the second box.  

Pack Your items Securely – Tips for packing heavy items

After you have packed and sealed your box, give it a little shake.  When you so this you are making sure that your heavy items can’t move around in the box.  If you feel or hear things shifting around, then, unfortunately, you’ll need to repack it.  Anything that is still moving in the box could potentially smash or ruin your items.  

The fact is that heavy items need to be properly packed so they can withstand the movement in your moving truck or pod, and to hold up to the movement of being loaded and unloaded.  So, take your time to do it properly the first time, so you won’t have to repack. And remember to buy only quality packing items that are able to support your heavy, fragile items properly.  

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