Home Improvements to Accomplish Before You Move Into Your New Home

Home Improvements Before Moving into Your New Home

Home Improvements to tackle before moving in.

As a new homeowner, you may feel happy, but a bit overwhelmed.  There may be a few issues with your house that need to be worked on, and you maybe you aren’t quite sure which ones to tackle before you move in.  Some tasks are just easier to accomplish when the house is empty, while some could probably wait for a few months.  Below is a list of projects to get started on before moving day. 

Foundation or Structural Work

If your home inspector had any concerns about the overall structure or foundation of your house, you should address these concerns first, before you move in.  If the inspector gave any suggestions or recommendations about the structure or foundation, it would be wise to follow them.  You can consult a structural engineer to help you with this very important task.

Replace Carpets or Install or Refinish Flooring

Taking care of the floors or carpets in your new home will be easier to get done when the house is empty of furniture.    If you are replacing carpets or flooring, it would be wise to do so before moving day.  While the house is empty, you can also replace or fix up baseboards and trim.  Also, if you are just having the carpets professionally cleaned or having the floors refinished, your best bet it to do it before your family moves in, or else you will have to move all furniture out while the jobs are being completed, and then back in once they are done.  

Scrape Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings were popular in homes built in the 1950’s to the 1980’s.  This textured look may contain asbestos, so if your house was built during this time period, it is highly recommended that you remove it.  In case you are not aware, asbestos can be toxic and unsafe for your health.  Because the probability of asbestos is there, it is prudent to have a professional remove the popcorn ceiling.   This will be a messy job, so the hired professional will have to cover all floors and carpets before scraping off the “popcorn” and resanding the ceiling.  From there the ceiling will be primed and repainted.  So, as far as your home improvements, this job should be completed before you move in. 


This one should be an easy decision; it is far easier to repaint a room if the room is empty.  So, if you plan on painting, is would be wise to do it before you move in.  Another benefit to painting before moving day, is that you can air out the rooms of all paint fumes as well.  It is much safer for you and your family to sleep in a house without new paint fumes.  

Repair or Install Fence – Home Improvements

If your new house doesn’t have a fence and you would like to install one, do it before you move in.  Fences are a good idea for any family that has a pet or small child.  Make sure you are knowledgeable about your neighborhood codes and if you need to file for a permit, do that before anything else.  If your new house has a fence, but needs to be repaired, get it done before moving day.  

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