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after a move these are a list of essential things to do

After a move these are a list of essential things to do

After a move these are a list of essential things to do So, you have finally finished moving, but settling into a new home can leave you feeling overwhelmed.  It’s hard to figure out what to do next.  Luckily, we came up with a list of the essential things to do after a move to keep you organized Unpack the Essentials First Hopefully, every person in the home had a bag of personal items that they brought with them, such as a change of clothes and toiletries.  But after that, what is wise to unpack first?  This will depend on your lifestyle, as you will know your needs best.  Some may want to focus on the bedroom first, or perhaps the office.   It is up to the homeowner to figure out what is essential. Update Your Address You can update your address through the U.S. Post Office, either online or in person at your local branch.  You will need to change the address on your driver’s license too.  Contact your local DMV for instructions on how to do this, every state is slightly different.  Contact any government agencies such as Veteran’s Affairs Office or the Social Security Office if you

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tips for moving with small children

Tips for Moving with Small Children

Consider how stressful a move can be for an adult. Now imagine that same stress being felt by a child.  Adults likely have the tools needed to help deal with the stress that moving brings, but a child will very likely have a difficult time coping.  So we have included some tips for moving with small children. First, they may not fully understand why your family is moving.  And, even if they do understand the why, they will probably experience the fear of the unknown.  What follows is a list of tips to use to help small children cope with a move. There are also tips for the adult to use, so that together as a family, you can support each other as you make this big life transition.   Be on the Same Page as Your Spouse As you prepare for your big move, open the lines of communication with your spouse, and start to formulate a plan for moving that you both can follow.  Despite your upcoming travels, whether they be big or small, you need to come up with a way to move that supports the well-being of your child. How can you make your child a

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tips for moving with pets

Tips for Moving with Pets

Consider how stressful moving can be for people.  The to-do lists, the logistics, the fear of the unknown can be overwhelming.  Now, imagine how stressful it can be for your pets.  Your furry companions can get anxious when they are introduced to a new environment. Since pets can be resistant to change, having them move with you is no easy task. Below is a list of suggestions to help make the move easier. It should be noted that cats and dogs have different needs, so there are tips for both.   Before the Move For Cats:  Cats really prefer to stay in a familiar environment.  They are quite sensitive to change and you need to consider that before doing anything else.  So, the first thing you want to do is get your cat used to his/her pet carrier.  Cats will feel safer in the carrier when they are traveling.  Prepare the carrier for your cat by putting a blanket inside, along with some cat treats.  Leave the door open at first, and don’t rush it.  Patience is key.   Once it seems like your cat is used to the carrier, get him/her used to travel.  Start with a short 10-minute

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how to declutter your house before moving 1

How to Declutter Your House Before Moving Day

Nothing can take the excitement out of moving faster than the realization that all of your possessions need to be packed up. A sense of dread may overwhelm you as you think about all the stuff you have accumulated over the years. You might think of every junk drawer that needs to be sorted, and the piles of clothes in your dressers, and feel the urge downsize. The thing is, the best time to declutter your home is right before a move. So, before you even start packing, get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.  This will lessen the number of boxes you take with you to your new home and speed up the moving process altogether.  Below are some tips to help you get started… Start Immediately  Once the decision to move has been made, your next step should be to declutter your current house.  Don’t put it off, or else you will have to pack up everything and take it with you.  Why bring things to your new house that you don’t need anymore?   Think of the cost it will save you to downsize before a move. Wouldn’t you rather purchase fewer boxes and save

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the ultimate guide to moving artwork

Your Ultimate Guide to Moving Artwork

Moving is stressful enough. Adding on the stress of possibly breaking a cherishable piece of artwork is not something that anyone wants to experience. Whether it’s an incredible art piece created by Vincent Van Gogh himself or a masterpiece put together by your wonderful 3-year-old, you want to ensure its safety during a move. Art is timeless and close to the heart, which is why we hold it so valuable as to hang it on our walls. Moving artwork can be complicated and quite scary. If not moved correctly, your artwork can be damaged very easily.  And unfortunately, pieces of artwork are usually something that cannot be replaced. So let’s not take that risk! All worries of damaging special artwork can be put to rest by following the appropriate steps.  Keep reading for the ultimate guide on moving artwork! Supplies Needed When Moving Artwork Before beginning the move, you’ll need the correct supplies. Having the right tools and supplies helps ensure your artwork’s safety. Here’s what you’ll need. Boxes in various sizes Bubble wrap Packing tape & masking tape Brown packing paper Markers (permanent and wide-tipped)  Be sure to not forget anything on this list. The items are essential for

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the ultimate guide to moving day etiquette

Your Ultimate Guide to Moving Day Etiquette

In the past year or so, about 11% of the American population packed up their home and moved.  Moving can be stressful, but sometimes it is necessary.  It’s your moving day, and you hired professionals to make it easy. Congratulations! What do you need to know to make the day easy for everyone? Find out here. Let Your Neighbors Know If you haven’t told your neighbors you plan on moving, now might be a good time to do so. You should also give them a heads-up as to when your movers are planning on being there. This is just a courteous way to let them know beforehand that there will be a giant truck in the neighborhood that will block parts of the street and maybe even their driveway.  When the movers do show up, try to make sure they aren’t blocking important parts to the road or your neighbor’s car. If you haven’t already set a time for your movers to arrive, you may also want to consider your neighbor’s schedule. If they leave early in the morning for work, it may be better to schedule it later in the morning around 9 so as the movers aren’t in their way.

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